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The physical game is
only half the battle.

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Insight Performance Coaching aims to take you to a higher level of focus. We specialize in overcoming doubt, building confidence, performing under pressure, minimizing distractions and enhancing mindfulness, among other mental barriers.

Performing in any sport, game, or career, can be heavily influenced by your mentality. You’ve trained and practiced physically, let us help you mentally.

Through a wide range of mental skills and techniques, each session will be tailored to your specific needs. Think of Insight as a gym for your mind. The more you work at it, the stronger you’ll be!

About Us


For as long as I can remember, I have always been competitive. Growing up with an older brother, we bonded over the way we played together. Everything was a game or a competition. To this day, we still compete for everything - including an annual Easter Egg Hunt, where one is awarded a trophy and prizes. Yes, we are 30+ years old.


As a former collegiate athlete and a current ballroom dancer and pool player, I add to my sports psychology and (mental health) counseling background with first hand experience. I understand the frustrations, struggles, and hardships athletes and performers face. Preparing physically of course has its benefits, such as building confidence, practicing new skills, and reinforcing muscle memory, however, preparing physically cannot help you cope with the thoughts and emotions you may face in competition.

I watched my college softball team fight so hard in the World Series to come up short in the National Championship game. I know the heart break of being .10 seconds away from making the finals in the 55m dash. I know the agony of being up 6-1 in a game of 9 ball and losing 7-6. 

I created Insight Performance Coaching with the vision of addressing the mental barriers that limit those from achieving their goals. With the same tenacity athletes put into their training, that is the same level of focus and determination I put into helping with the mental game. I am all in.



John Morra “Mr. Smooth”.jpeg
I was ranked number five in the World at my best right handed. Since making the switch to left handed five years ago I’ve faced a new level of adversity and Tara has helped me trudge through difficulties and helped me to view things from a different angle.
I’m back up high in the rankings and ready to fulfill my potential with her in my corner.

John Morra

"Mr. Smooth"


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Kennedy Meyman.jpg

Kennedy Meyman

I am a pool player who travels around the world to compete and I want to have every edge I can. Working with Tara on my mental game has given me that edge. She helps me to prepare and have mental strength and endurance to push through long days and obstacles.

Jim Prather.jpg

Jim Prather

Tara has been instrumental in helping my mental game in pool. She is truly interested in helping me reach my goals. Tara has helped my focus in a variety of situations one comes across in competition. Whether it is a tournament, action, or league play, I would highly recommend Tara to any player looking to improve.


Lexi Arroyo

Tara and I would meet and pick the negative thoughts and doubts out of my brain, and turn them all into confident thoughts and power. I cannot tell you how much these mental coaching sessions have helped me for my competition and days leading up to the competition. My first place win is a testament to her passion and care for her athletes.

Image by John Arano




Intense Training
  • Do you take insurance?
    Unfortunately, we do not take insurance because this would require a mental health diagnosis. We specialize in mental skills coaching for athletes and performers.
  • What if I pay for one of the packages and change my mind?
    Totally understand. Even though the packages are there to give you a discounted rate, this is not a requirement. Therapeutic relationships are about compatibility. If you feel it is not a good fit, please let us know by the second session and you will only be charged for the first session.
  • How are sessions held?
    We will be utilizing different platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. Whichever you prefer!
  • What happens in a session?
    Each session is tailored to the athlete based on their specific goals or needs. Mental skills coaching techniques will be geared towards what the athlete hopes to accomplish. A notebook and pen is recommended to take notes for future use.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Although we are aware that emergencies may arise, we want to make sure you understand our policy before scheduling an appointment, as sessions are limited. Therefore, any session that is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged.


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Choose a Plan

Select a single session or choose from our 3 and 5 session packages. Our sessions are 50 minutes long. 

Book Your Session

Select the day and time you would like your session to be and choose your platform (Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp). Please be mindful of the time zone.

Make Payment | Receive Email

Once the session is scheduled, enter your payment information and you will receive a confirmation email. That's it!

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